NBX acquires The Mint

Adam Jakobsen
January 26, 2024
3 minutes

The Mint AS is a Norwegian company that has refined the trade of gemstones by introducing the world's first RWA (Real world asset) trading platform for ethically sourced rubies and sapphires from Greenland. With its pioneering approach, the company combines genuine physical gemstones from Greenland with NFT technology, providing a unique opportunity for all investors to diversify their portfolios with gemstones that are carefully documented from the mine to the vault. The Mint AS has set a new standard in the industry by offering a transparent and ethical trading platform for valuable gemstones.

Learn more about our NBX Visa credit card and The Mint.

Norwegian Block Exchange AS (NBX) has entered into a stock purchase agreement with The Mint AS (The Mint) to acquire all the shares in The Mint with settlement in NBX's consideration shares, subject to approval at the NBX general assembly meeting.

An information meeting and the extraordinary general assembly meeting is expected to be held in February. The agreement will be finalized no later than February 29, 2024.

The Mint AS is valued at 24,000,000 NOK, and the settlement is based on the weighted average of the last 10 trading days before the completion date, with a maximum consideration of not more than 21,000,000 shares in NBX.

The synergies created by the acquisition is expected to increase NBX's revenues by up to 40 MNOK in the first year with a positive margin of 10-14 MNOK.

After the acquisition, The Mint will become NBX's initiative for tokenizing RWAs (Real world asset), where The Mint will expand both the product portfolio and business areas, as well as geographically expanding for NBX to reach more markets.

Since October, NBX and The Mint has been working together to launch a marketplace for rubies and sapphires mined in Greenland. A soft launch is planned in week 5.

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Best regards,
Adam Jakobsen.

Adam Jakobsen
January 26, 2024
3 minutes
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