Oslo, Norway

Who we are and why we are looking for you

If we were like everyone else, we’d write that there’s never been a more exciting time to work in our field, and that is why you should bring your talents and ideas to Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX). But NBX is not like everyone else, and our field is so new and unexplored that we’re not even at a stage where we can apply cliches. In many ways, you will have as much input into what you will be doing as we do, and your horizons are wide: we are already growing fast, and your abilities will help determine a lot about the direction we go and what we do in the future.

Today NBX is developing a cryptocurrency exchange and payment platform that will propel cryptocurrency transactions into the mainstream. We want cryptocurrency to be as common as using credit cards or cash, moving it into the realm of everyday experience. It is a little bit like air travel in that it was once an exclusive and out-of-reach experience for the few. We want to, in that sense, get everyone up in the air. And we’d love it if you have a unique set of skills and passion for cryptocurrency that can help us drive this mission forward.

Cleared for takeoff

NBX is its own, independent company but comes with the Norwegian Air Shuttle heritage, meaning that it is by default going to move fast, grow fast and look for and try new ways of doing things. We need you to help get us off the ground even faster.

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