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Nordics’ first credit card with rewards in crypto. Save in bitcoin for up to 4% with an NBX Visa credit card. Join the crypto world simply by living your life.
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An NBX credit card with cashback in bitcoin.

The best way to save in bitcoin

Join our waiting list, get your application approved and receive your virtual and physical NBX Visa credit card. Start saving in bitcoin right away.

Rewards every day

Earn from 0.5 and up to 4% in bitcoin when you shop with NBX Visa credit card. Buy groceries, pay for various services and entertainment.

Earn more

Get the highest possible cashback level by building up your volume or referring new customers to the NBX platform.

Accepted worldwide

Available to customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The card can be used in more than 40 million stores worldwide.


The NBX Visa credit card has a built-in chip and PIN code, as well as additional security such as FaceID and Touch ID when using the NBX app.

Have full control

Install the NBX app and manage your card on the go. Have a full overview of the bitcoin cashback you receive.


The credit card is made by NBX, a well established Norwegian crypto exchange, in cooperation with reliable financial service providers in the Nordics.
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Get your NBX Visa credit card in just a few steps

Join the waiting list and become a verified customer.

An NBX credit card with cashback in bitcoin.

Open an account

Open an account at with email and password. Follow the link in the confirmation email and protect your account with 2FA. Remember to put yourself on the waiting list.

Verify your identity

Become a verified customer by filling in a typical questionnaire and then confirm your identity with a document such as a passport or an ID card. Now everything is ready to apply for a credit check.

Get your virtual and physical cards

You have now been approved for the credit card, congratulations! Start saving in bitcoin right away with your virtual card, and get your physical card in your mailbox as the next step.


What you need to know about the NBX Visa credit card.
Is the NBX Visa card a debit or credit card?
The NBX Visa credit card is a unique credit card that offers rewards in the form of bitcoin to its users. Earn bitcoin on purchases, exchange it for NOK, SEK, DKK, EUR, or other cryptocurrency on the NBX platform, or simply hold it.
Who can order an NBX Visa credit card?
Any verified NBX customer residing in one of the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland) can order an NBX Visa credit card.
I do not have an NBX account. How do I join the waiting list?
You can join the waiting list with your email right now. You will receive a communication from us with your next steps. Speed up the process by downloading the NBX app from the AppStore or Google Play and registering with your email and password. Log in with your user information and verify your identity with a valid ID document. Once the verification has been completed, you can apply for a credit check whenever possible.
I have an NBX account. How do I join the waiting list?
Log in to your NBX account, and click on Card in the main menu. Press the "Join the waiting list" button. You will receive a communication from us when the possibility of a credit check is open.
What are the NBX Visa credit card fees and terms?
The NBX Visa credit card has no annual fee. We offer interest-free period for up to 45 days. Enjoy 20,000 NOK in credit in the beginning and up to 100,000 NOK in the future. The interest on cash (nominal) is 24.5% and the interest rate on purchases (nominal) is 23.5%. More information about NBX credit card fees and terms to be released shortly.
Who is the NBX Visa credit card issuer?
This Visa card is issued by Enfuce pursuant to licence by VISA Europe Limited. Enfuce is duly authorised and regulated by Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority as an Electronic Money Payment Institution under the Financial Institution Act 1994. Company registration number 2992502-3.

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