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Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) is a financial services company building products and services based on digital assets. We operate one of the largest platforms for trading cryptocurrencies in the Nordics.Our goal is to open the doors to the world of digital assets for everyone.

We started with a cryptocurrency exchange, and will continue to offer our customers new, trusted services enabled by crypto. We believe crypto is key to the financial infrastructure of the future.

NBX was founded in 2018, and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company is registered with Finanstilsynet (the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority) and is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange Euronext Growth.

Investor relations contact:
[email protected]

The Board of Directors

Nils Kristian Sundling - Chairman

Nils Sundling, board member Nils Sundling has a background from the bank and financial sector in Norway. He has had a multitude of leading position in banks and financial institutions. Sundling was, at the turn of the millennium, responsible for setting up the first internet bank in Norway, NOR 24. He has been CEO in the British consultancy company C3, which was involved in the establishment of several internet banks in Norway. For the last 15 years, Nils Sundling has been an investor and founder, and has amongst other things, headed the BPO company Runway, and is the founder of the dentist chain “Tannfeen”. He has been a board member of Webhelp Nordic, Scandinavian House, Runway and Tannfeen Norge, and is presently board member of Norwegian Block Exchange and Ideco Group.

Asbjørn Abrahamsen - Member

Seriegründer med 40 års erfaring i mange ulike aksjeselskaper og bransjer, inklusive finans. Erfaring fra alle faser av selskapsutvikling, også med salg av selskaper til langsiktige eiere. Grunnlegger av AC Nor gruppen ASA, etablert i 1989. Et selskap som omsatte for 3,5 milliarder og leverte boliger og næringseiendom til mer enn 2000 selskaper. Abrahamsen er investor i mange ulike selskaper i Norge og USA, inkludert en eierpost i Norwegian Block Exchange AS.

Anne Helene Kjos-Mathisen
- Member

Anna Helene Kjos-Mathisen represents the second largest owner of NBX through Nye KM Aviatrix Invest AS, and through personal ownership. She is the managing director of Airwing AS, a Norwegian-based private aviation company. Anna has 12 years of experience in commercial aviation, both as a former pilot and as responsible for the recruitment of crew at Norwegian.

Bjørn Kjos - Member

Founder of Norwegian Air Shuttle and CEO from 2002 until 2019 in which period the airline grew from a few airplanes to become Europe’s third and the world's fifth largest low-cost carrier operating around 170 aircrafts. Bjørn Kjos is also co-founder of Bank Norwegian which purpose was to facilitate the airlines loyalty program, the bank is currently worth about 1.8 billion USD. Before becoming the CEO of Norwegian Air Shuttle Bjørn Kjos worked as a lawyer admitted to the Supreme Court of Norway.

Rony Solaiman - Member

Rony Solaiman is the founder of PLAY Capital, a crypto and software-focused venture builder. Since 2010 Rony has served as a lawyer and general counsel in various law firms and investment funds specializing in technology and finance. Rony holds a Master of Laws from the University of Oslo.

Vahid Toosi - Member

Vahid Toosi is a serial entrepreneur with experience in retail and product development. He has started several companies in the blockchain sector and therefore has first-hand knowledge and understanding of the industry and its potential for society.


Stig A. Kjos-Mathisen - CEO
Stig is an ex-military serving 12 years in the Norwegian Special Forces and the Intelligence Service. Gaining experience ranging from tactical to strategic operational planning and execution and leadership from team to squadron level. Before co-founding NBX Stig was head of the manpower resource planning department for Norwegian Air Shuttle. Stig also holds a Master of Science in Finance from BI Norwegian Business School and HEC Lausanne. Stig is a board member at the Norwegian Computer Society Group for Blockchain.

Trond Pettersen – Chief Risk and Compliance Officer
Trond has more than 20 years of experience from the finance industry where he started out as a software developer. He has extensive experience with internal control, risk management and compliance from holding positions like Quality and security manager for VPS and later Chief Compliance Officer for Euronext Securities Oslo. Trond holds a master’s degree in Industrial economics and computer science from NTNU.

Sturle Skulevold - COO
Sturle has extensive commercial and operational experience from the financial, consulting and aviation industry, work ranging from building SME companies to scaling worldwide operations. He has been part of the Norwegian group since 2016 before joining NBX. Sturle holds a MSc in Finance from EDHEC Business School, HEC Lausanne and BI Norwegian Business School.

Alex Karpov - CTO
Alex is a highly skilled software engineer and technology leader with over 15 years of experience in various industries. Before joining NBX, he held positions at Bisnode, Real Audience, and SoftServe, where he led technical teams and implemented projects in digital advertising, data analytics, and healthcare. Also, he holds a Master's degree in Control Automation Systems from Dnipro National University.

Inna Romanenko - Chief AML Officer
Inna has deep knowledge and experience within the AML field. She has worked in a large commercial bank in Latvia, called Rietumu Bank, serving corporate clients and wealthy individuals. She also has MSc in Finance and CAMS certification, which is recognized as the gold standard in AML by institutions, governments and regulators worldwide.

(Adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting on 5 May 2021)

§ 1- Company name
The company's name is Norwegian Block Exchange AS.

§2 - Business office
The company's business office is in Bærum municipality.

§3 - Business
The company's business is investment, development and dissemination of payment solutions and systems,
including for financial instruments.

§4 - Shareshare
capital Thecapital is NOK 51,917,348.80 divided into 64,896,686 shares, each with a nominal value of NOK 0.80.
The company's shares are registered in Verdipapirsentralen ASA (VPS).

§5 - Board
The company shall have a board from three to seven members, according to the general meeting's further decision.

§6 - Signature and power of attorney
The company may be signed by the board jointly. The board can issue a power of attorney.

§7 - General meeting
At the annual general meeting, the following issues shall be considered and decided:
• Approval of the annual accounts and the annual report, including the distribution of dividends.
• Other matters which according to the law or the articles of association belong to the general meeting.

§ 8 - Free trading of shares
The shares in the company are freely negotiable, including no pre-emptive right or board consent
under the Companies Act or other trading restrictions in the event of a change of ownership of shares.

Newsweb press releases NBX

Full list of company press releases can be found on euronext.

Q1 - 2024 || NBX Buys The Mint AS

Q4 - 2023 || NBX and Huddlestock announces partnership.

Q4 - 2023 || Update on Spenn,e not likely with bid but will continue dialogue over remittance solutions

Q3 - 2023 || NBX makes agreement with The Mint on tokenizing rubines.

Q3 - 2023 || NBX and AKJ makes strategic partnership

Q3 - 2023 || NBX ranked in top positiion on AML rankings by hoptrail

Q3 - 2023 || NBX Visa Credit card launches

Q3 - 2023 || NBX launches litecoin and Dodgecoin

Q2 - 2023 || Reduction fo costs in NBX

Q2 - 2023 || XRP trading live on

Q2 - 2023 || Non-Binding indactive offer from Spenn Technology AS

Q2 - 2023 || Staking as a service agreement with Iagon

Q1 - 2023 || Partnership with Spenn Technology and Jenga X

Q1 - 2023 || NBX Visa Credit Card testing is going well. Expected launch mid May.

Q1 - 2023 || NBX exercises on the put option agreement with LDA Capital

Q1 - 2023 || NBX kicks off the Staking as a Service Operation by delivering tailor made staking services to Iagon

Q1 - 2023 || NBX Partners with Swedish Goobit Group on distribution of NBX Visa credit cards with Bitcoin kickback in the Swedish market

Q1 - 2023 || NBX partners with Spenn Technology and JengaX

Q1 - 2023 || NBX, the Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange and custodian, partners with Blockbridge to launch a Bitcoin ATM in Oslo

Q1 - 2023 || NBX and ACE Asset Management announces partnership to develop market making for futures and derivatives of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Q1 - 2023 || NBX launches digital asset custody solution

Q4 - 2022 || As the first exchange in the Nordics, launched Staking, an opportunity for passive income

Q3 - 2022 || Secured a NOK 100 Million equity financing facility

Q3 - 2022 || Chosen by Norges Bank (the Central bank of Norway) for a new phase of its experimental test of CBDC development

Q3 - 2022 || Announced plans to offer the first Nordic Visa credit card with Bitcoin rewards

Q3 - 2022 || E-money lisence granted by Finanstilsynet

Q3 - 2022 || NBX entes into agreement with Fireblocks to further accelerate crypto services

Q2 - 2022 || NBX and eGroup have signed a letter of intent regarding the launch of the first crypto index fund in nordic

Q2 - 2022 || NBX and Adyen partners on payment services

Q4 - 2021 || First day of trade for NBX on Euronext Growth 14.12.2021.

Q3 - 2021 || Launched new front end design.

Q3 - 2021 || Added trading in Cardano (ADA) in August.

Q2 - 2021 || Chatbot launched to educate/inform customers about trading, crypto and use of the platform.

Q2 - 2021 || ~18,000 Registered Customers end of May.

Q2 - 2021 || Surpassed NOK 132m in monthly trading volume.

Q2 - 2021 || Opened trading in SEK and DKK markets.

Q1 - 2021 || Added trading in CACHE Gold Token (CGT).

Q1 - 2021 || Opened trading in EUR markets.

Q1 - 2021 || NBX Capital AS was founded on 6 January 2021.

Q1 - 2021 || OTC trading service.

Q3 - 2020 || NOK 12m in monthly trading volume.

Q3 - 2020 || Reached 2,000 fully Onboarded Customers.

Q2 - 2020 || Reached 1,000 fully Onboarded Customers.

Q2 - 2020 || Release of mobile friendly trading.

Q2 - 2020 || Onboarding of international customers made possible.

Q1 - 2020 || Established accounts with Sbanken and Sparebanken Vest for client funds.

Q1 - 2020 || Launch of NBXchange.

Q4 - 2019 || Platform launched for beta customers.

Q3 - 2019 || Completed a successful funding round.

Q2 - 2019 || Registered as an Exchange and Custodian for virtual assets with the NFSA on 3 June 2019.

Q4 - 2018 || Established the technology platform, started writing code and built a developer team.

Q1 - 2018 || NBX was founded on 3 January 2018.





Annual report


Q4 - Fourth quarter report


Q3 - Third quarter report


Q1 - First Quarter Report


H1 - Semi-Annual Report


Annual report 2022






H1 -First half


Annual report 2023 Mehen Finance Ltd Update


NBX revisor beretning 2023


Annual report 2023 highlights


Annual report 2023


H1 2023 report


Innkalling Ordinær Generalforsamling


Financial calendar for 2021

22.02.2022 – Quarterly Report – Q4

28.04.2022 – Annual Report

Financial calendar for 2022

25.04.2022 - Extraordinary general meeting

27.05.2022 – Annual General Meeting

18.08.2022 – Half-yearly Report

27.04.2023 - Annual report

Financial calendar for 2023

27.04.2023 - Annual report 2022

25.05.2023 - Annual General Meeting

10.08.2023 - Half year report 2023

Financial calendar for 2024

30.04.2024 - Annual report 2023

13.06.2024 - Ordinary General Meeting.

20.09.2024 - Half year report 2024.

Financial calendar for 2025

10.04.2025 - Annual report 2024.

Investors contact
[email protected]

Share information

Name: Norwegian Block Exchange AS
Ticker: NBX
ISIN: NO 0010984966

Total number of shares: 68 245 486

Major shareholders - 24.02.2023

Ownership in %
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