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In today's digital age, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Be equipped to handle the challenges of an increasingly digitalized world and protect what's most important to you.
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As NBX is an attractive target for criminals, we have built up the experience and an understanding of the challenges organizations face when protecting their sensitive data and digital assets. The NBX Cyber Security Center has deep and broad expertise in offensive and defensive security, and experience with helping smaller organizations improve security, with a result-based approach, implementing high-impact controls while using minimal resources.

Penetration testing

We evaluate the security of your computer systems, applications and networks by simulating real-world cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities, resulting in a full report with detailed findings, low and high level recommendations.

Bug bounty program implementation and operation

We facilitate the establishment of a tailored public program, inviting security researchers around the globe, to find and report security bugs in your Internet-exposed facing systems. NBX can also help to manage, track and verify bug reports.
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Phishing simulation and security awareness training

We test your organization's susceptibility to phishing attacks by simulating various real-world attacks on your employees. Our security awareness training will raise awareness among your employees about the dangers of phishing and will train them to recognize and avoid such attacks.

Other security controls implementation

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that provide protection for your mobile devices, laptops, desktops, servers, and implement security best practices by configuring your services, endpoints and access controls to help you gain a strong defense against cyber threats.

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Join the growing list of businesses that trust our comprehensive solutions to defend against digital threats.

I want to express our appreciation for NBX. Their systematic penetration testing improved our IT security, and their communication was precise and timely throughout the process. NBX exhibits a high level of professionalism and I can confidently recommend their services.

Torstein Thinn
CEO, AK Jensen Norway AS
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