How to buy Bitcoin in Norway

Buying Bitcoin in Norway is easier and safer than ever before! An increasing number of people are choosing NBX due to its simplicity and safety. NBX is the only cryptocurrency exchange in the Nordics with an e-money license. Create an account within minutes.  
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Register and complete our KYC-process

Make a deposit

Buy Bitcoin securely with low fees

And best of all?

If you don`t want to buy Bitcoin, you can earn it for free! Refer friends and family and receive 150 NOK in BTC from NBX for each person referred. Our referral program is the best crypto referral program in Norway.
With our NBX Visa credit card, you receive up to 4% cashback in Bitcoin. Our unique credit card is the only one in the Nordics that offer Bitcoin cashback.

A detailed guide for how to deposit money to NBX

Depositing fiat to your NBX account is easy and done in a heartbeat. Log in and press the deposit button on the top right corner on Deposits can be done in several ways as described below.

Make sure your deposit meets our minimum threshold amount. All deposits are free of charge, and crypto transfers and NOK domestic transfers have no minimum deposit requirement. Euro has a 5 EUR deposit minimum, SEK has a 50 SEK deposit minimum and DKK has a 35 DKK deposit minimum.NBX reserves the right to carry forward any fees that we may receive from our banking partners. NBX does not charge fees for incoming fiat deposits. We credit the amount we receive. If the credited amount is not the full deposit, the difference is always the bank fee

The easiest way to make a deposit is to login to your NBX account and navigate to the "Add funds"-section as shown in the picture below.
bilde av min-lommebok for innskudd for handel av Bitcoin hos Norwegian Block Exchange
After clicking "Add Funds" you will see the following screen. Choose the currency you want to deposit, and follow the instructions to add funds to your NBX account.

Register your bank account

If you have assets on your NBX account that you want to withdraw in fiat, but have never used your fiat bank account for deposits or withdrawals before, you need to register a bank account with NBX first. Login to your account, then click Funds in the menu (you can also do this from the "Add Funds" button on the top right corner of your screen).
Following that, you’ll see the screen below giving you the option to select balances, deposits or withdrawals. Select a fiat currency you would like to deposit. Press Deposit button as shown below.
Secondly, following that, you’ll see the screen below. All you need to do is to make a transfer to NBX bank account given the details you see on the screen. Copy and paste all the necessary information when making a bank transfer from your bank account.
Remember to add a reference number to your payment, which is always unique to your bank account.

Click Done to close the window. Fiat deposits to your NBX account will be credited to your available balance as soon as the transfer is confirmed by our bank.

Once the first deposit will be credited to your NBX account, you will see a registered bank account number in the Bank Accounts section of your Account settings as shown on the screen below.
You will receive an email confirmation once your deposit was successfully processed.

Fast deposits

You can also enjoy our fast deposits using openbanking on NBX. Thanks to our integration with Neonomics' open banking solution the process is extremely simple, secure and much faster. You don't need to wait for a couple of days for your deposit to be credited.

Note: At the moment we welcome you to try it yourself with Norwegian Krone (NOK), while we are working on making fast deposits available for other fiat currencies on our platform.

When clicking on Deposit button you will see the following message:
Click Next choose your bank. Please note, if the bank you are looking for is not on the list, you can always use regular depositing process initiated from your bank.
After choosing your bank click Next to proceed.
Depending on your bank you may be prompted by bank's secure system, for example BankID. Follow the instructions provided by your bank to complete the deposit.

After confirming the deposit with your bank, it will normally be credited within 2 hours on NBX(bank dependent).

Deposits history

Select Deposits to view your deposits history. If you made any deposits in the past, you will see them listed.

A detailed guide for how to make your first purchase through NBX.

Let`s say you want to buy Bitcoin with NOK. To do that, click on the BTC/NOK market.
You’ll see the trading interface and will have the option of choosing a Market order or a Limit order on the left.
Remember that the Market order refers to buying Bitcoin immediately at the current price as denominated in NOK, while the Limit order lets you set a price that you want to wait for.

Making a trade with Market order

Let’s say you choose a Market order.

At this point, all you need to do is type the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy in the field that says “0 BTC” above and then click “Buy BTC.”
From there, your trade will go through at the best available price in the market.

Making a trade with Limit order

With limit orders, there’s only a small difference.

In this case, you’d select a price in NOK that you want to wait for. When doing so, keep in mind that a limit order refers to setting a lower price than an asset currently has and waiting for it. Once you decide on the price desired, click “Buy BTC”.

Selling cryptocurrency

Both market and limit orders can be executed as sells as well, which means you can choose to sell cryptocurrency at the current price or a future price that you set.

Keeping in mind all of the above, you now know how to trade any market on the NBX exchange. If, however, you have any more questions, you can always contact our Customer Success team.
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