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How to buy bitcoin?

February 3, 2023
4 min

Day by day, Bitcoin continues to grow and as it does, more and more investors continue to flock to its banner due to its unique value proposition. If that’s you and that’s why you have clicked on this page, read on to find out how to buy and sell bitcoin from a reliable source.

Buy bitcoin securely on the Norwegian crypto exchange

Making your first trade on the NBX platform is easier than it may seem.

1) Once you have logged in to your NBX account, click on Balance in the top menu.

2) You will see the screen giving you options to select deposits or withdrawals.

3) Select a fiat currency to deposit and press the Deposit button.

Regular deposit
If you are depositing fiat for the first time, all you need to do is to make a transfer to NBX bank account given the details you will see on the screen. Copy and paste all the necessary information when making a bank transfer from your bank account. Fiat deposits to your NBX account will be credited to your available balance as soon as the transfer is confirmed by our bank. You will receive an email confirmation when your deposit has been processed. When the first deposit is credited to your NBX account, you will see a registered bank account number in the bank account section of your account settings and you can use fast deposits with Open Banking.

Quick deposit - Open Banking
Once your bank account is registered, you can enjoy fast deposits on NBX. Thanks to our integration with Neonomics’ open banking solution the process is extremely simple, secure and much faster. You don’t need to wait for a couple of days for your deposit to be credited. After clicking the Deposit button, follow the instructions you see on your screen and proceed to choose your bank from the list. Depending on your bank you may be prompted by the bank’s secure system, for example BankID. After you can enter an amount to deposit. After clicking on the Confirm button your deposit will be processed shortly.

Update the Balance page to see your new balance.
Read more about deposits and withdrawals on NBX here.

How to register with NBX?

To register on the NBX platform, follow the steps below:

1) Click the Sign up button on the NBX website.

2) Enter your email address and create your password. Enter the password in the "Password" and "Repeat password" fields. When you are done, click Sign up.

3) Log in to your personal e-mail after finding the confirmation link that NBX has sent you.

4) Click on the link in your email to complete the account creation process.
Registration is complete. You are now a customer of the Norwegian Block Exchange! To start trading on the NBX platform, any customer needs to verify their identity.

Why use NBX instead of another cryptocurrency exchange?

NBX is today a pioneering, truly Norwegian crypto exchange that sets the standard for user experience, transparency and security.

NBX was founded by Bjørn Kjos, who also founded Norwegian Air Shuttle and Bank Norwegian. NBX is registered with Finanstilsynet and is audited by Moore. Every cryptocurrency platform promises security. We take that a step further ensuring that security and transparency go hand in hand. NBX has worked to be best-in-class in compliance and regulatory transparency, putting AML/KYC due diligence front and centre, making it clear how we operate. This attracts institutional clients as well, who demand stability, robust security and risk mitigation, the confidence to use NBX technology to trade and use payment services securely. While cryptocurrency and digital asset trading has been until recently shrouded in mystery and seemingly walled off to all but the most tech-savvy investors, NBX aims to make cryptocurrency exchange a part of all kinds of investors’ everyday experience.

Read our security checklist and our article about how to protect yourself against social media scams.

Submit a request to our team if you have any questions, or chat with us on our Discord server.

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This text is intended to inform and is not an investment recommendation.

February 3, 2023
4 min
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