A guide on how to buy your first RWA NFT from The Mint.

Adam Jakobsen
February 13, 2024
1 minute

There is an increasing interest in the RWA NFTs from the Mint. More and more enthusiasts are looking into how they can acquire one or more of these beautiful rubies and sapphires. Follow this quick guide on how to buy your first RWA NFT.

First, on the top right corner of your screen, log in or register to NBX.

Go to RWA - Gems and scroll through our rare selection of rubies and sapphires. Make sure that you have USDC in your account.
Find your favourite gem. This one, for instance!
Click buy, buy now and choose the quantity you desire. Press next and you will only be one click away from owning your first RWA NFT.
Once you press pay, the transaction has been finalised and you will be the owner of a unique RWA NFT. Congratulations!

We highly encourage you to visit The Mint to learn more about how they operate, precious gems, plans going forward and much more. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Best regards,
Adam Jakobsen.

Adam Jakobsen
February 13, 2024
1 minute
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