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Norwegian Block Exchange Catalyst F12 votes

Eystein Hansen
July 9, 2024
2 minutes

Norwegian Block Exchange Catalyst F12 votes
NBX is voting in F12 of Catalyst with the pledge of the pool (ticker ANP) but not with the customers staking on our platform to ANP.  We do this to engage with the community and be part of promoting the development of Cardano.  For F12 of Catalyst we tried to make a good mix of community outreach and development as well as a mix between what we think is lower risk projects and higher risk projects. We acknowledge that we have not gotten to read every proposal on Catalyst and we have tried our best to look at as many as possible to get geographical diversity as well as diversity in development teams we are supporting. 

Among highlights we would bring forth the work by TXPipe who we previously announced to be collaborating with for our own infrastructure.  They are proposing everything from a P2P network component for the new rust based cardano-node Amaru to Griffin a substrate node that supports Plutus to a smart mempool in Boros that will help projects with intense workloads. 

From the community side of things, we would highlight the growth and work in Ghana and Latam communities. Example of this is the Latam community engagement with universities such as the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). More locally we are supportive of projects with Norwegian roots that we believe is implementing beneficial projects for Cardano such as Iagon who are for example developing Statur a reputation system for Cardano. 

The elephant in the room is the big 2 million Ada ask for a collaboration with Barcelona from NMKR. We believe that the ask is very high and especially given the initial outcome but we also know the track record of NMKR and note the potential future projects with FC Barcelona and decide it is worth the risk to put so much Ada into a single project with a potential low initial outcome, due to the fact that if this is the start of a bigger collaboration with the football club the potential impact for Cardano is massive. 

Here is our full list of project we voted yes for:

Anastasia Labs - Smart Contract Formal Verification Framework
Anastasia Labs - ZK Accelerate : A User-Friendly Smart Contract Library for ZK contracts
Anastasia Labs - Midgard: Cardano Layer 2
Amaru: P2P networking component by TxPipe
Telchar: Plutus blacksmith by TxPipe
Boros: Tx submission for intense workloads by TxPipe
Griffin: A Substrate node that supports Plutus by TxPipe
Iagon Network Explorer V1
Iagon: Fluxion - A Visualization tool for cardano blockchain
Iagon: Statur - Reputation Model for Cardano Ecosystem that encourages positive behavior
Cardano.Sync | A .NET/C# Indexing Framework for Cardano
Build a customised LLM for Aiken Smart Contract code analysis and release on Hugging Face
Cardano Ghana Community Expansion
Cardano Lightning Network (Phase 1) - Payment Gateways
Open Source Decentralized On-Chain Ecosystem Mapping Tool
Ikigai + MLABS - Hydra-Auction Update - Fully-backed Bids
FC Barcelona + Community management + Using Cardano tech
Genius Yield | Options trading platform on Cardano
TapTools: Wallet Fraud Detection
TapTools: Develop Mobile App for Android and iOS
TapTools: Enable Free Access to TapTax for All
Summon Vaults: Intent Based Treasuries
Summon: Verifiable Announcements
dRepWatch - A Sustainable Platform for Informed Voters
Legally enforceable contracts in ADA, in compliance with Argentine laws
MLabs - Pisa-Fees: Decentralized Fee Trading Smart Contract
Crypto Inheritance for Non-Tech Savvy Beneficiaries - Gen Wealth
Cardano Woman Indonesia: University Ecosystem
Cardano Vietnam Developer Boot Camp & Hackathon
Cardano Ghana CIP-1694 Governance Working Group
European Cardano Community Town Hall - Operation and Country Hubs
NERDS ❤️ LATAM: Cardano hackathon series
Academic Research at UBA, one of the most prestigious Universities in LATAM, with focus on Decentralized Governance Research.
LATAM Cardano 2024: Driving Crypto Adoption in Mexico
The bridge from JAPAN to LATAM, by Token Allies DAO
Cardano Governance Working Groups in Universities

As a reminder If you want to follow the Cardano price movements we have created a dedicated page for the Cardano Price you can find it here, or if you want to compare Cardano with other blockchain marketcaps we have an overview page here. We also offer Cardano Staking through our platform as well as directly to the pool with ticker ANP.

This text is intended to inform and is not an investment recommendation.

Eystein Hansen
July 9, 2024
2 minutes
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