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NBX presents bitcoin cashback levels of the upcoming credit card

December 12, 2022
5 min

Today we are presenting the long-awaited NBX credit card cashback program in detail. We are excited to tell you more about the possibilities to start saving in bitcoin when you shop for products or services, simply living your life.

What is an NBX crypto credit card?

The NBX card is a credit card that allows you to spend and get from 0.5% up to 4% cashback in bitcoin. It is a unique product that combines all functions of your traditional credit card and exciting perks in cryptocurrency. Be one of the pioneers to adopt a simple saving method in crypto with one of a kind credit card in the Nordics market. So, how do I start saving in bitcoin?

Start quickly, with no stress and problematic requirements.
Sign up at and verify your identity.
After verification, join our card waitlist, which you can find in your Dashboard when logged into the NBX platform.
Once the NBX credit card is launched, we will ask you to complete a typical credit card order form.
You’re all set to receive your card in your mailbox.
Enjoy a fantastic product that ensures you’ll get 0.5% cashback in bitcoin from the first day of using your NBX card.How does it work?
You will receive bitcoin in the NBX app every time you purchase with the card. You can keep this bitcoin in your account or exchange it for NOK, EUR, SEK, DKK, or a different cryptocurrency. Most importantly, it is your bitcoin, and you can do whatever you want with it!

How to get higher cashback in bitcoin?

At Level 1, you will get 0.5% cashback.
At the highest level, you will get 4% cashback.

Currently, there are two ways you can increase your cashback percentage:

  1. Boost up your trading volume.
  2. Refer people from your network to become NBX customers.

Trading volume and referrals will be counted using the last 90 days. This is the first version of our cashback program, and you can expect us to develop improvements along the way.

NBX Credit Card Cashback Tiers

Levels 1-3
You can earn cashback in bitcoin once you receive and activate your virtual or physical NBX card. Levels 1-3 give you an opportunity to triple your crypto savings. Climb from 0.5% to 1,5% by reaching the numbers in the list below.

Level 1: 0,5%

Trade Volume = 0 or Referrals = 0

Level 2: 1%

Trade Volume > 100.000 NOK or Referrals > 15

Level 3: 1,5%

Trade Volume > 200.000 NOK or Referrals > 25

To sum up, if you have traded for more than 100.000 NOK or have referred more than 20 people for the last 90 days, you will get 1% cashback in bitcoin, and so on.

Levels 4-6
For those of you who actively trade on the NBX platform, fulfill large orders through our OTC, are market makers, or actively refer new customers to NBX, check out Levels 4-6. Climb up to getting a 4% cashback in bitcoin for purchases you make with your card.

Level 4: 2%
Trade Volume > 625.000 NOK or Referrals > 75

Level 5: 3%
Trade Volume > 1.750.000 NOK or Referrals > 150

Level 6: 4% Trade Volume > 3000.000 NOK or Referrals > 300

Join the card waitlist

We would love you to join our waitlist. As a member of the waitlist, you will be among the first to receive an invitation to apply for the card when it becomes available. To join, go to your Dashboard and click the Card in the menu to enter your email. We will then notify you when you can apply for the NBX card. Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to earn cashback in bitcoin!

Hint: Remember that you will enjoy our Referral Program perks and the cashback in bitcoin. Get rewarded for every new customer verified on the NBX platform and participate in the fee-sharing scheme. Not only will you benefit from using the NBX card, but you will also be rewarded for helping to support the growth of a community and drive cryptocurrency adoption. Read more about our referral program here.

Updated 03.07.2023:


This Visa card is issued by Enfuce pursuant to licence by VISA Europe Limited. Enfuce is duly authorised and regulated by Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority as an Electronic Money Payment Institution under the Financial Institution Act 1994. Company registration number 2992502-3. NBX is a financial agent on behalf of Nordiska Financial Partner Norway AS.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for Bitcoin cashback, terms and privacy notice from Enfuce, credit agreement from Nordiska, cancellation form for NBX Visa credit card can be found on a dedicated webpage.

Go to NBX Visa credit card webpage.

December 12, 2022
5 min
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