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New listing on NBX: Meet LINK

November 22, 2021
2 min

Exciting news for all NBX users: we're happy to announce the Chainlink (LINK) is listed on our platform!

What is LINK?

Coin/Token name: Chainlink (LINK)

Protocol: Built on top of Ethereum (ERC677)


Max supply: 1,000,000,000

Supply: ∼458,009,553.92

Сurrent Market cap:  ∼1,345,518,136 (as per 15 Oct)

Introduction to Chainlink

Chainlink was co-founded in 2017 by Sergey Nazarov to solve the blockchain oracle problem. Traditionally, blockchains are not able to communicate with external data sources. Chainlink solves this by using oracles to connect blockchains and real-world data, making it possible to build events into smart contracts. This enables the use of blockchains in different industries across multiple applications — everything from IoT to healthcare. The Chainlink erc20 token gets used to paying for and delivering the data to and from a smart contract.

How can I get LINK, and what can I do with it?

You can now trade LINK directly with us. LINK can be bought or sold anytime, anywhere. We offer NOK/SEK/DKK/EUR markets to all of our verified customers. You can trade it, hodl it, stake it by running a node or lend it to earn interest. You can, of course, join the Chainlink community on Discord to find out how you can contribute and/or earn LINK tokens.

Why did we choose to list LINK?

At NBX, we are dedicated to projects/networks that use the value of the blockchain to redefine their business models while giving both retail and corporate investors new ways to invest in the cryptocurrency space. We believe that Chainlink, with its solution for blockchains to access real-world data, fits these criteria.

Dive deeper into Chainlink:


Chainlink Labs:

Check out a blog post by Sergey Nazarov or this Github page to find tons of resources.

This text is intended to inform and is not an investment recommendation.

November 22, 2021
2 min
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