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Crypto card: Which should you choose?

Catharina D.
March 10, 2023
4 min

Several companies offer cryptocurrency credit cards, but availability may vary depending on which country you are in. Each card has its advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading this article and learn more about popular crypto cards, including the NBX Visa credit card, the newcomer to the market.

Here is a comparison of some of the most popular crypto credit cards: offers a debit card you can quickly load by selling cryptocurrency or sending fiat currency to your wallet. As a bonus, you'll receive cashback in CRO. The more CRO you stake, the higher your cashback reward can be, with a maximum cashback of 50 euros. Although the card offers benefits, such as rebates on popular services like Spotify and Netflix and exclusive perks, it's important to note that some fees apply for actions like topping up, ATM withdrawals, card closure, re-issuance, inactivity, and transactions. Additionally, if you choose to unlock your stake, you will no longer be eligible for these benefits. It might be the best choice to get Spotify and Netflix rebates or exclusive services. Remember that you have to hold a significant amount of CRO tokens to reach higher cashback levels.


Nexo offers a debit card that allows you to access credit based on the value of your cryptocurrency holdings. You must open a Nexo account and take out a loan to use this card. A physical card is available if you maintain a balance of at least $500 and comes with a certain percentage of NEXO tokens. As a perk, you can earn up to 2% in NEXO or 0.5% in Bitcoin. This card can be your best option if you want to use your crypto holdings as collateral for the loan since the Nexo Card function is tied to Nexo's Instant Crypto Credit Lines. Remember that Nexo is not a classical bank, so the risk and protection are not the same as with banks.


Binance presents a debit card that can be loaded by selling your cryptocurrency. With this card, you can receive up to 500 euros in cashback in BNB. Holding BNB in your account balance is necessary to maximize your cashback rewards. Although this card offers few benefits, it is a straightforward and convenient option for accessing crypto funds. An argument against the Binance card is the requirement to hold BNB in the account balance to receive the highest level of cashback. This can be seen as limiting for those who want to avoid holding BNB or prefer to use other cryptocurrencies.


Coinbase provides a debit card with set cashback levels. When using popular coins such as ETH or BTC, you can receive 1% cashback, while using lesser-known coins like AMP or RLY will earn you 4%. A conversion fee of 2.49% applies when converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency. One argument against the Coinbase card is its fixed cashback levels, which may need to be higher for those who frequently use their card. Additionally, the 2.49% conversion fee when converting cryptocurrency to fiat currency can be seen as high compared to other options on the market, making the card less attractive for those seeking low fees. These factors could limit its appeal for users who prioritize cost savings and reward earning potential.

It is a good idea to investigate whether cryptocurrency credit cards are available in your country and to carefully examine the terms and conditions of these cards before deciding to use one. If you live in one of the Scandinavian countries, choose a local credit card provider.

NBX Visa credit card with cashback in Bitcoin

The new market player for cryptocurrency cards is NBX, a Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange based in Oslo. NBX's Visa credit card, issued by Enfuce, offers its customers cashback in bitcoin. It is a unique credit card available to customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. NBX Visa credit card has several benefits, including:

  • Crypto cashback: Users can get a certain percentage of their purchases refunded in bitcoin. NBX Visa credit card holders get a minimum of 0.5% cashback in bitcoin and can increase the cashback level to 4%. You don't need to buy and stake any token on the NBX platform to be eligible to receive cashback, which sets the NBX credit card apart from the rest in the market.
  • Global acceptance: The card can be used to purchase in more than 40 million stores worldwide, anywhere Visa is accepted.
  • Security: The card has a built-in chip, PIN code, and additional protection such as FaceID and Touch ID when using the NBX app.
  • Control of the card: Users can unlock and lock their card, change the PIN code, and view the transaction history in real time in the NBX app.
  • Well known: NBX is a Norwegian crypto exchange well established in the Norwegian market, cooperating with reliable financial service providers in the Nordics, particularly Enfuce, Visa, Nordiska, and Thales.

What must you know before applying for a credit card with cryptocurrency rewards?

Cryptocurrency Volatility

Cryptocurrencies can be very volatile, and the value of bonuses can change. If you are curious about bitcoin specifically, we have prepared a couple of articles for you, which you can find here. Historically, bitcoin as a financial asset has shown promising results in retaining its value over the long term.

Regulation and tax

Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new field. NBX is registered with Finanstilsynet, making it more solid in the Scandinavian market than foreign players. In Norway, trading in cryptocurrency is a taxable event. Therefore, if you use crypto credit cards from or Binance that exchange cryptocurrency for fiat, you are responsible for reporting each exchange to the tax agency. The NBX credit card does not use crypto funds for card transactions so that you can optimize your tax reporting.

Final thoughts

You should consider a couple of essential points before choosing a credit card. Compared to the or NEXO card, the NBX Visa credit card does not require you to stake or hold a certain amount of tokens on balance to receive attractive cashback. With the NEXO card, you get less in bitcoin and more in their own NEXO token, which may not be so attractive if you are not interested in various cryptocurrencies. With NEXO, you can get a maximum of 0.5% cashback in bitcoin, while with an NBX Visa credit card, you can get a minimum of 0.5% and up to 4%.

Join the waiting list here and be notified of when you can get your NBX credit card.

Catharina D.
March 10, 2023
4 min
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