Wallet is empty, thanks for participating!

Dear NBXers,

Easter is approaching, and we're excited to celebrate the beginning of spring together with you! We have prepared something special this time: you can learn and win with us. We invite new and existing customers to participate in our digital Easter Egg Hunt on 13.04.2022.


Because to participate in the hunt, one needs to know how to use a seed phrase. We have prepared an "Introduction to Seed Phrase: What is and how to use?" to help you get familiar with the term and cryptocurrency wallet management. Our newest blog post contains video walkthroughs for your convenience. Sounds complicated? Not at all; you will learn about the seed phrase in just 5 minutes!

Stay safe

You know that the security and happiness of our customers are at the core of everything we do in NBX. We believe that helping our customers be more knowledgeable in all-things crypto is our responsibility and goal. Every cryptocurrency user, sooner or later, will have to work with seed phrases. If this topic is new to you - get your chance to learn about it now, and sleep tight later, knowing your coins are safe!

Have fun with #EgghuntX

You have a chance to win 3000 NOK in Bitcoin. Interestingly, the prize is located in a cryptocurrency wallet. To get access to this wallet, you need a seed phrase.

We will release the first 9 words of the seed on our Twitter and Instagram every 15 minutes from the start. The last 3 words you will have to find on our website. Look out for the eggs in random places on nbx.com.

Once you have found the last 3 words, place them in the correct* position to unlock the wallet**!

*There are 6 possible combinations.
**Don't forget to send the prize from the wallet to your NBX account to own it if you have found it first; otherwise, someone can do it before you!

If during the process you receive a message “Wallet not found” with Blockstream Green wallet, simply press “Manual search” to give the wallet a name and it should work.

To sum up

1. Follow @nbxcom on Twitter OR Instagram for the #EggHuntX announcements.
2. Make sure you have signed up on nbx.com and have your identity verified.
3. We recommend you to download Blockstream Green wallet.
4. Retweet the #EggHuntX announcement post on Twitter OR share it in Stories on Instagram. Spread the word and help more people learn about the seed phrase!
5. Reach out to us if you managed to unlock the wallet and owned the prize to grab your goodie bag in addition.
6. Reach out to us if you won a hoodie in a random prize draw.

That's right, everyone participating has a chance to win one of everyone's favorite Dip Survivor hoodies! 

Stay safe, and have a great Easter!
NBX Team