Frequently Asked Questions

What is Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX)?

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) is a Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange, payment services provider and blockchain-solutions advisor that sets the standard for user experience, transparency and security.

What does NBX do?

NBX aims to be a sustainable marketplace for buying, selling and making payments with cryptocurrencies and other digital assets with a gateway toward fiat currencies.

When will NBX launch?

The first phase of NBX is scheduled to launch soon.

Will NBX be available in my region?

NBX will have a global reach, and in the initial launch phase, Nordic countries will be eligible to participate. Continuously thereafter, NBX will open up to other countries and regions.

What can I do with NBX?

You will be able to trade cryptocurrencies, make payments for goods or services and take advantage of block-chain-based services with NBX. The aim is to demystify and simplify cryptocurrency trading and payments, making cryptocurrency use an everyday experience and accessible via a stable, secure platform.

Why use NBX instead of another cryptocurrency exchange?

Trade and fly with Norwegian CashPoints

When you use NBX, you will earn Norwegian CashPoints.

Security, stability and transparency

Every cryptocurrency platform promises security, of course - when we’re talking about your money, that’s serious business. We take that a step further, though, ensuring that security and transparency go hand in hand. NBX has worked to be best-in-class in compliance and regulatory transparency, putting AML/KYC due diligence front and centre, making it clear how we operate. This gives not only consumers but also institutional customers, who demand stability, robust security and risk mitigation, the confidence to use NBX technology to trade and use payment services securely.

Making crypto part of the everyday

While cryptocurrency and digital asset trading has been until recently shrouded in mystery and seemingly walled off to all but the most tech-savvy investors, NBX aims to make cryptocurrency exchange a part of all kinds of investors’ everyday experience.

What kinds of trading fees should I expect to pay?

We will offer competitive and transparent fees.

Will NBX offer a referral program?

Yes, once trading services are up and running, you will also be able to benefit from a referral service that will allow you to earn from your direct referrals’ trades.

How can I be kept up-to-date?

When you sign up on the landing page, you will automatically get updates about NBX’s official launch and other relevant NBX information.

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